Call for Applications: United Way Capacity Building Grant

With a belief that  strengthening the effectiveness of community based organizations will  ultimately improve the quality of life in our community, United Way of  Saskatoon and Area is pleased to announce new funding in the amount of $100,000  for capacity building grants.

“This announcement  is welcome news to community-based organizations”says YWCA Saskatoon  Executive Director, Barb MacPherson. “Capacity building is key to CBO’s  remaining relevant and strong to serve our communities and there are very few  funding sources to assist with the exploration, assessment and design  activities that ensure strong, healthy, growing organizations.”

United Way’s work  is focused in three specific areas – moving people from poverty to possibility,  building healthy people and strong communities, and helping kids be all that  they can be.  One strategy in which  United Way will achieve impact in these areas is to strengthen the network of  services and capacity of human-service agencies in our community.

Capacity building projects  encompass whatever is needed for an organization to more effectively and  efficiently achieve its mission; projects which strengthen the foundation of  the organization.

“Capacity building  is not just about the capacity of a nonprofit today — it’s about the future.  Distinct capacity building projects such as identifying a communications  strategy, improving volunteer recruitment, developing a leadership succession  plan, identifying more efficient uses of technology, and engaging in  collaborations with community partners — all build the capacity of a  charitable nonprofit to effectively deliver its mission in the future.  When capacity building is successful, it strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission over time,  and enhances the nonprofit’s ability to have a positive impact on lives and  communities.”  (National Council  of Nonprofits).

As our community  grows so does the demand for the programs and services that human-service  organizations are delivering.  The  importance of investing in further building the capacity of these organizations  is greater than ever. United Way’s announcement for funding is timely as The  Saskatoon Community Foundation has also announced funding for capacity building  which further demonstrates the need and importance of investing in this area.

For additional information please refer to the documents below, or contact United Way’s Manager, Community Investment & Agency Relations at 306-975-7700.

Capacity Building Grant Application Guidelines

United Way of Saskatoon and Area Region Map

Capacity Building Grant Application Form