Loaned Representative Program

United Way’s Loaned Representative Program offers a unique professional, personal and community development experience for our community’s emerging leaders. United Way Loaned Representatives join United Way of Saskatoon and Area’s fundraising team for 15 weeks during the annual Community Campaign. They provide outreach in the community and share the message of United Way. In return, United Way provides skill-building opportunities in the areas of leadership, project and time management, team-building, public speaking and customer relations.

There are two opportunities to support the United Way Loaned Representative Program:

  1. Sponsor an Employee – an employee from your organization is seconded to United Way while your organization continues to provide for the individual’s salary and benefits. Your organization will receive both the benefit of the individual’s professional development and recognition as a Program sponsor. Day-to-day management is the responsibility of United Way of Saskatoon and Area. (United Way would appreciate the opportunity to participate in the interview process if possible.)
  2. Provide Financial Support – your organization provides financial support for United Way to hire an outside individual with specific skills to support our fundraising efforts. In this scenario, United Way is responsible for the recruitment process and management of the individual during their 15-week work term, and your organization receives recognition as a Program sponsor.

2016 Loaned Representative Job Description

Loaned Representative Brochure 2016

The 2016 Loaned Representative Program will run from August 29th to December 9th 2016.  Please contact Anu Kashyap, Director, Resource Development at 306-975-7700 for more information.