Day of Caring® is a partnership between United Way of Saskatoon and Area, business and labour groups, local sponsors and United Way funded agencies and programs. This event is an opportunity for participants to experience the rewards of volunteerism, demonstrating what a difference they can make in our community by working together.

It’s life changing– Participation will help strengthen a network of social programs, services and partnerships that have a direct impact on the lives of people right here in Saskatoon.

It’s meaningful– For workplaces that participate in United Way campaigns, it’s amazing to see the impact of their contributions first-hand.

It’s hands-on– It’s a unique volunteer experience that gives employees a chance to work together in new ways, and feel more connected to our community.

It’s informative– Learn more about our city’s biggest challenges and how we can work together to address root causes and find permanent solutions.

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Day of Caring 2017

June 2019

Day of Caring is a partnership between United Way, business and labour groups, and community non-profit organizations. This unique opportunity allows participants to experience the rewards of volunteerism, and demonstrates …