Evaluating Community Impact Workshop


November 14-16, 2017

Evaluating Community Impact is a three-day workshop intended to provide those who are funding, planning and implementing community change initiatives with an opportunity to learn the latest and most practical evaluation ideas and practices. This has been one of Tamarack’s most popular workshops, and this session in Saskatoon will be the very last time that it is offered.

Throughout the three days, you will learn the theory, guiding principles, and tools for action to overcome evaluation challenges like:

  • How do you use qualitative measures in addition to quantitative measures?
  • How do you use soft indicators rather than only hard indicators?
  • How do you evaluate systems level – versus program level – change?
  • How do you develop ‘shared’ measurement systems among multiple stakeholders (an important practice in collective impact efforts)?
  • How do you capture unintended outcomes?
  • How do you evaluate the capacity of your community change group?

Learn more about the workshop and if you have any questions at all, reach out to Mary. This training does have limited space so we encourage you to register or hold your seat today.