Message from the Chief Executive Officer

For years I have admired United Way’s strong leadership towards a more vibrant and healthy Saskatoon, so it is a tremendous honour to join the team as CEO.

To get the most accurate picture of our community’s wellbeing, we have to ask big questions about the challenges faced by our most vulnerable neighbours. What prevents or hinders their inclusion? How many obstacles to opportunity do they face?

Are we willing to work to remove them?

Eliminating barriers to inclusion and opportunity requires bold thinking, courageous commitment, and unwavering generosity. It takes dynamic partnerships, innovative solutions, and selfless volunteers.

In other words, it takes everything that Saskatoon does best.

For more than 50-years, United Way has been a trusted leader in our community in addressing social issues and making informed community investments that promote long-term well-being and possibility for our most vulnerable.

I am excited to lead United Way as we explore new ways to support our community. I hope you’ll join us, because together, we are possibility.


Shaun Dyer
Chief Executive Officer
United Way Saskatoon and Area