All That Kids Can Be

Our children are the future of our community. They are also some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens. United Way is committed to proper nutrition for our children and youth, and to essential supports for healthy emotional, social and intellectual development.

Our Goals

  • Improve access to early childhood learning and development opportunities
  • Help children and youth do well in school, and complete high school
  • Assist youth in making healthy transitions into adulthood and post-secondary education

Our Organization in Action

A growing body of research indicates the importance of early childhood health for long-term well-being. Health is not simply the absence of disease, but the result of proper nutrition and adequate social, emotional and intellectual development. United Way of Saskatoon and Area is committed to eliminating barriers for children and youth in our community.

Did You Know?

According to a recent report from the Saskatoon Health Region, between 2008 and 2011, 30% of Kindergarten students were considered “not ready for school.”

Because healthy and successful children grow to be healthy and successful adults, we are investing in our future leaders through various funding, capacity building, knowledge sharing and research initiatives. We know that positive role models are essential to the healthy development of school-age children and youth. A child receiving positive reinforcement (from parents, teachers, mentors and peers) is likely to experience an increase in self-confidence and motivation. United Way invests in programs and services that provide local youth with the opportunity to connect with role models, get involved in the community and learn about healthy choices, reinforce positive behavior and encourage personal growth, resulting in strong, successful young adults.